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GACP Datasets

Turner and Ferrare Dataset

A new "beta" best-estimate dataset of data products from the SGP CART Raman lidar and (AERI+GOES) retrievals is now available. Although this initial dataset covers the period April 2, 1998 through December 16, 1998, processing of data after this period is currently underway. Plans are to continue producing this best-estimate product on an ongoing weekly basis. This best-estimate dataset includes:

  • Profiles of water vapor mixing ratio (Raman lidar)
  • Profiles of relative humidity (using Raman lidar water vapor mixing ratio and AERI+GOES temperature profiles)
  • Total precipitable water vapor (Raman lidar and MWR)
  • Profiles of aerosol extinction coefficient at 355 nm (Raman lidar)
  • Profiles of aerosol backscatter coefficient at 355 nm (Raman lidar)
  • Profiles of aerosol scattering ratio at 355 nm (Raman lidar)
  • Aerosol optical thickness at 355 nm (Raman lidar)
  • Profiles of linear depolarization ratio at 355 nm (Raman lidar)
  • Cloud mask (Raman lidar)
  • Profiles of pressure and temperature (from AERI+GOES retrievals)

The averaging interval is 10 minutes for each of these products, with different temporal averages in the near future. A web page has been created which provides "quicklook" images for these products

These data, in the form of tarred and gzipped netCDF files, can be requested from either Rich Ferrare ( or Dave Turner ( Contact Rich or Dave with questions or comments regarding Raman lidar retrievals and Wayne Feltz ( regarding (AERI+GOES) retrievals.

Dave Turner
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Tel:    (509) 375-2590