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GACP Datasets

Livingston Dataset

The NASA Ames Research Center six-channel airborne tracking sunphotometer (AATS-6) was operated on board the University of Washington C-131A during TARFOX in July 1996. Data obtained with this instrument on 15 flights between 10 July and 31 July 1996 are available from the NASA Langley Research Center EOSDIS Distributed Active Archive Center site at

File names are "ames_sunp_960710_1", "ames_sunp_960714_1", etc. Included in each file are total and aerosol optical depth and absolute aerosol optical depth uncertainties at four wavelengths: 380.1, 450.7, 525.3 and 1020.7 nm. Also included in each data file are time, airplane latitude, longitude and pressure altitude. Data have undergone a first order cloud screening, but residual cloud-affected data points do remain in some of the data files. During 1999, plans are to update these AATS-6 TARFOX data after applying additional cloud screening.

During ACE-2, the Ames six-channel sunphotometer was operated aboard the R/V Vodyanitskiy, which sailed off the coast of Portugal and North Africa. Aerosol optical depth and columnar water vapor data acquired during ACE-2 on seven days between 24 June and 23 July 1997 have been submitted to the ACE-2 data archive to date, and these can be downloaded from

The name of the data set is RV-NASA-001, and it contains a separate file for each of the seven days. Total and aerosol optical depths and absolute aerosol optical depth uncertainties are archived at five wavelengths: 380.1, 450.7, 525.3, 863.9 and 1020.7 nm. Also archived are time, ship latitude and longitude, atmospheric pressure. Data for additional days will be submitted to the archived during the next month.

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