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GACP Datasets

Kent Dataset

We propose to make the data and analyses that we have done on the SAGE II upper tropospheric data set available through our SAGE II web page ( I am not able to answer in detail all the questions that were put in the original e-mail but the following is some of the requested information about what we can supply.

SAGE II aerosol extinction at 1020 nm (cloud interference removed) 80S-80N, 6.5 km upwards). Zonally averaged, 3-monthly mean values with 1 km vertical resolution and 20 degree latitude resolution. The time period covered will be 1984-1998, with a gap in 1992-1993 due to the Pinatubo eruption (see Kent et al., J.Geophys.Res. 103, 28863, 1998). We will also make available data on the longterm trends for the same time period and show some examples of maps of the global upper tropospheric aerosol distribution.

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