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GACP Datasets

Charlock Dataset

Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 19:11:52 -0400
From: Tom Charlock <>
Subject: GACP "Individual Aerosol Data Set"

A web page ( at NASA Langley covers our contribution to GACP with computed radiative forcings, and observations of broadband fluxes at surface and TOA, as well as aerosol spectral optical depth at ARM SGP.

Aerosol optical depth in the MFRSR channels (415 nm, 500 nm, 610 nm, 665 nm, and 862 nm) for the SGP Central Facility (courtesy of ASRC at SUNY Albany) has been averaged in 30-minute blocks. Data starts in January 1998.

And for studies of radiative forcing with above aerosols:

Our observations of broadband surface flux should be better than those supplied directly from ARM. For the diffuse insolation, Tim Alberta has made special adjustments to account for the IR effect at the SW detector surface. Our observed TOA fluxes are convenient collocations (by Fred Rose) of CERES with 21 ARM SGP sites.

Simply go to and hit "SGP". Then scroll down to your field of interest and click again. The dates of coverage for observations listed in our text descriptions are sometimes out of date. If we list "Jan., Feb., Mar. 1998" in the text, the FTP files will have data for those months, but often more recent months, too.

August 12, 1999

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