GACP Datasets

Holben Dataset

I would like to inform the Science Team members that the ground based
AERONET data archive of spectral AOD and particle size distribution
retrievals are available to the science team members through the AERONET

The time peroid of coverage begins in 1992 and continues through the present.

The sites represent a good distribuition of latitudes and aerosol types,
the number varies according to season and the program that sponsored the
measurements.  Some sites are continuous.

The data base should remain in the AERONET archive as it is designed for
public access.  This is a contributed data set.  I ask that the rules of
data use be followed as indicated in the homepage.

Brent N. Holben                          Tel.  (301) 286-2975
NASA/GSFC, Code 923                      FAX:  (301) 286-1757
Greenbelt, Md. 20771                     email: